Artwork for A New Podcast

A New Podcast

Rhett Shull is an Atlanta-based guitarist who runs one of my favorite channels on YouTube. Recently on a Q&A, Rhett announced that he’s thinking about starting a new podcast. He asked his audience what the new podcast should be called and after many submissions, he landed on Backstage Journal. I like it. It immediately lets the listener know what the show is about. It is a brand Rhett has used before on his YouTube channel. It is short and punchy.

Rhett asked his fans to make submissions for show art. Here is what I designed.



I made a gritty background because backstage areas … well … they aren’t always the cleanest places. The grit also creates a vignette effect that draws the eyes of the viewer to the title that’s front and center.


When scrolling through podcasts in a list, the artwork needs to have visual punch to be noticed. I chose a color suite with two main color families; red and teal blue. It’s a striking combination and a bit of a gamble when I look at Rhett’s existing artwork. Rhett’s color palette for existing media is black and white so I have a few versions that are black and white.

Color can be scary but it gives a mark more identity and pop. The rich red with the teal accents is striking.



I made two sets of options for the show art work. I called the first set Organic. I went through a number of font options to find one that seemed to really pop. I worked with the spacing and kerning to create a lockup that excited me visually. It’s a departure from Rhett’s existing artwork but I wanted to create a version by looking at the words and being inspired by the letter forms to create something new.

The second set is called Gothic. The majority of the headers on Rhett’s YouTube channel are narrow, sans-serif, and all-caps. I made alternate versions with Bebas Neue for the typeface. Each design comes in multiple color options.

Guitar Form

Above and behind the text lockups is a stylized guitar based on Rhett’s favorite guitar, a Novo Serus J. I couldn’t resist putting a bit more of his personality in the artwork. The Serus J is a crazy-cool guitar and I think it looks great in the design.

Final Thoughts

I have no idea if Rhett will like any of these which is fine. Sometimes it’s fun to design something by just following my heart and seeing where the inspiration takes me.

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