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At the Mind of Moms Summit

I am at an event called the Mind of Moms Summit in Northwest Arkansas. Rockfish Interactive and some other sponsoring partners have brought in some influential Moms that blog to talk to brand people. The idea is to share how social media can make or break brands and how to engage with shoppers around brands.

Other than the social media thing, I am not the target market, but it is extremely interesting. I love hearing about how companies are engaging in a conversation with their customers. This is so important because more and more we are going to find that conventional marketing will grow less and less effective.

I tweeted recently that “I don’t watch commercials. I pay no attention to online ads. I do care about what my friends love. (if they are sincere).” If brands don’t engage in conversation with their customers, customers will eventually begin to lose interest unless you have a truly remarkable product, and most products aren’t.

You need to go to search.twitter.com and search #mindofmoms to join in the conversation.